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The war in real life is not pretty, it is really brutal and costly. However, you still can show off your command skills and planning strategy and tactical through the army games. Army game is a very common video game genre that focuses on war and military combat between at least two factions. Typically, in these games, players will be set in the role of a soldier or commander with the main mission is to defeat all the enemies. If you want to experience the feeling of a military genius or a fast-firing front-line commando, this game genre is for you. On this site, we have tons of interesting army games from all sub-genres for you to choose from. All of them are ranked very high from millions of players. Now, let's choose the best game from a long list of army games below and enjoy experiences that it brings!


Army game is a video game genre that is very familiar with those who love playing games. This is a great genre that brings players lots of excited emotion. Participating in tribal warfare, shooting down enemies in lots of epic and fire smoke tank battles, and having a chance to use various weapons like guns, cannons, bows, or arrows, etc that in real life you rarely can approach. They are a few core features that army game genre brings players.

Army games emphasize the elements of military combat, strategy, and tactical. It includes several sub-genres such as tank games, strategy games, commander, airplane, stickman, gun games, army building games, army zombie games, etc.


Army games are the ones that focus on the elements of military, strategy, and tactical. All of these elements are the core features of this game genre. Army games can combine with many other challenges like zombies, guns, airplane and be exploited in many different aspects such as building army or commander. However, all of them are just the additional elements to make the games become richer. The general and core feature of all these games still is the military element. It can say that all the games that emphasize and focus on the element of military are army games.


Addictive gameplay and mainly focus on military combat are the key features of a typical army game. Although including various sub-genres from many different themes, the prominent elements in gameplay of this game genre are combat and tactical. In these games, players are usually set in the role of a soldier or a commander with the main mission is to participate in the combat and help their faction to defeat enemies. More detail, they will have to plan the combat strategy and tactical to use their army best and command or even join the combat to make sure they will win in that fight.

Depending on each type of army game, the gameplay of these games will have a bit changes, however, they also follow the core element of a typical army game.

Popular types of army games


Army tank games are a very popular type of army game genre. These games still focus on the war between two or more factions in a battlefield with the players' main mission is to lead their faction fight and defeat all the enemies. However, the difference is that in these games, players will control the tank to participate in the battlefield. Typically, the tank will be equipped with various powerful and modern weapons such as cannon or ack-ack to shoot down enemies from long distance.

These games can offer single or multiplayer mode depending on each game and no matter which mode they offer; these games are so great to enjoy. Some remarkable games in this type are Awesome Tanks, War of Tanks: 3D Army Game, Tank Battle: Multiplayer Game, etc.


Army strategy games are the ones that emphasize the strategy element a bit much more than a typical army game. In these games, players are put in the role of a commander and mainly have to plan the strategy instead of participating in the battlefield like many other games. They may have to recruit and build their own army, build various defense constructions, and even gather resource to prepare for the war. Of course, all of these activities need to be formulated strategically to make sure that they can defeat all the enemies easier.

Some interesting army strategy games that you shouldn't ignore are battle towers, Legends of honor, strike tactics, and command and control: Spec ops, etc.


Army commander games are also a popular and addictive type of army game genre. As its name, this game genre mainly focuses on the element of command. Players will be set in the role of a commander in an epic war. Their main mission is to command the battle, made tactical decisions, and lead their army to defeat and overcome all the enemies' defense structures, and conquer the new lands. If you want to try the feeling of being a commander and show off your abilities, this type of game is suitable for you.

Some games you should try in this genre are Commander: The great war, Battalion commander, Supreme commander, etc.


Similar to army tank games, army airplane games are also a very popular type that attracts thousands of gamers. Focus on another battlefield - on the air and various epic fire-smoke aerial battle, army airplane games allow players to be a skillful pilot. Their mission is to drive a helicopter or army airplane, join the aerial battlefield, and complete all the game's quests. Typically, the quest is to shoot down all airplanes or helicopters of enemy factions.

Some great army airplane games you should try are Air Fighter, Awesome Planes, Shooting Helicopter, etc.

Stick man

Stick man army games are a small but very popular type of army game genre. In these games, players will control one or more stick man and step into the battlefield. The main mission of players in these games is to keep the troops survival as long as possible while defending the defensive tower in front of attacks of enemies.


Army gun game is the type of game that attracts lots of players around the world. It can say that it is a sub-genre of shooting game but emphasize the element of military. In these games, players will have a chance to approach so many modern and powerful guns, disassemble or even use them. The primary objective of players in these games is to defeat enemies with their gun. They may be set in the role of a sniper or a soldier on the battlefield and allowed to navigate the environment from the first or third-person perspective. With addictive and action fast-paced gameplay, these games are so great to play and enjoy.

If you have never played this game genre, you should try these some games: The Sniper, Rapid Gun 2, Warzone, Sniper Mission, etc. Surely you will feel so surprised and excited about the addictive gameplay of these games.


Army building games are the ones that deepen another aspect of army games, building army. Different from other army games that mention the element of combat, army building games only focus on the element of building - building the army, building defense structures, building and expanding own base, etc to protect the base in front of the attacks of enemies. The strategy element is also used so much in this type of game since players have to think carefully about where to put the defense structures, how to recruit and train the army, and more. In general, if you want to try the feeling of being a strategist and a great military commander, army building games are the best choices for you.

Some prominent games in this genre: Capture The Castle, Epic War series, Takeover, etc.


The typical army games when being combined with the element of zombie will create army zombie games. This is a quite popular game type in which humanity is threatened by a big wave of zombies. You - in the role of a soldier or commander of the army is responsible to save the world from these zombies. The themes related to zombie are so popular nowadays and army zombie games are also received lots of positive feedback from gamers. For this reason, in the near future, the number of games in this genre will increase rapidly.

If you're interested in this genre, don't forget to try some prominent games on it: Zombie army trilogy, zombie war game, meet the zombie army, etc.

Army games unblocked

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